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#watercolor . Finally! Only took me forever to learn how to paint..
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something i’m working on
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Done! #art
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 Faded Revolutionary |  sandrakoala
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:* :* :* when i first started selling my bracelets. i love this one! it’s so childishly cute imo
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i HATED the hands on this guy and i could not fix em for the life of me. so i gave up. this was done exactly a year ago. 
the reference is the image posted to the side.

i remember when i drew that john mayer piece, i was thinking, man i always draw eyes so small. let me do something new. 

like i’ve always prided myself on my traditional artwork (ive always struggled with my photoshop pieces.. sigh) and their “realism” or “accuracy” but who cares about either in art tbh … i’m a freehand artist anyway, my accuracy is shit, so… why NOT experiment? i ended up loving how the final piece looked (i’ll post it in a bit). 

the point is, when you allow room for creativity you’re opening up so much more possibility for more depth in your drawing